LEED Green Building Rating System

The LEED Green Building Rating Systems reward project teams with points toward certification is based on a building's environmental and energy performance...

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The Zero VOC emissions from the DuraFlex trim can assist building teams with compliance with this LEED credit by reducing indoor air quality problems during the construction and renovation process for the comfort and well being of installers and occupants.

ID Credit 1 Resource Reuse Program 1 point

The facility manager must implement a program for reintroducing surplus building products in future projects. Products to be reused include caulk and sealants, adhesives, plywood and lumber, paints and lacquers, roofing materials and fasteners. The submittals include a narrative of the program and an inventory list.

The DuraFlex is durable and has similar characteristics of wood trim, the pieces left over after cutting could be entered into the inventory of a resource reuse program. Also if trim is removed during demolition it may be reused on future projects.

ID Credit 2 Post Occupancy Survey 1 point
This innovation credit for determining occupant comfort over time has been accepted by the USGBC in the past. The requirement is that the building team submit a survey showing overall building user satisfaction be measured for thermal comfort, general satisfaction, layout, furnishings, air quality, lighting, acoustic quality and cleanliness. The survey is typically conducted 18 months after occupancy.

DuraFlex flexible trim contains Zero VOCs and can assist building teams with compliance with this credit category because of its contribution to better indoor air quality.

While the LEED NC credit sections described in this paper suggest how applications of DuraFlex can assist project teams with earning LEED points, the LEED applicant obviously bears the ultimate responsibility for determining the product attributes will assist them with LEED certification. The final decision regarding LEED
certification relies heavily on the work and judgment of the LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) retained for a specific project and ultimately on the judging panel at USGBC. The architect, designer, contractor, or other member of the building team must document a building's sustainable design, construction, and performance
data and make the data available to the LEED AP and the Council. Then the LEED AP can prepare final documentation which is submitted to the USGBC.

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