LEED Green Building Rating System

The LEED Green Building Rating Systems reward project teams with points toward certification is based on a building's environmental and energy performance...

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LEED Potential of Flexible Trim Product: Dura Flex TM

Cured Polyurethane


The LEED Green Building Rating Systems reward project teams with points toward certification
based on a building's environmental and energy performance. While LEED does not assign points for products, the materials and building product that a manufacturer provides have a very important role in achieving LEED certification. The following is an assessment of how DuraFlex Cured Polyurethane flexible trim products from ARNCO Performance Polymers can assist project teams with certification through the LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations v.2.2 rating system (LEEDNC).


TM Cured Polyurethane flexible trim is "greener" than polyester resin based flexible moulding and is much more durable than traditional wood trim moulding. It can be cut with a saw, caulked, and painted with water-based paints to complement nearly any interior color scheme. The sustainable attributes of DuraFlex can be distinguished from most other flexible trim moulding products by the following:


Zero-VOCs: DuraFlex is 100% solids containing Zero VOCs (SCAQMD Rule 443.1) and provide a reduced impact on the environment compared to resin based products such as polyester trim, which can expose building occupants to VOC emissions. DuraFlex products reduce VOCs for factory workers, warehouse and distributorship staff, as well as installers and contractors. Reduced Green House Gas Emissions: The DuraFlex flexible trim does not contribute to green house gas omissions. By comparison, polyester is not 100% solids and it emits styrene as well as other harmful off gassing emissions.


A polyurethane based building product also represents a more durable material with a high potential for salvaging during deconstruction for both new uses or reuse.

 Indoor Air Quality:
The DuraFlex Polyurethane flexible moulding replaces traditional wood molding, which supports rot, pests and fungal growth. Because polyurethane flexible trim does not provide a food source for insects, there is a potential for fewer applications of pesticides with DuraFlex. All of these factors can assist with improved indoor air quality.

Regional Materials:
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